TAG International Construction LLC, founded by Lutfi Gorkem Marsan and Tugana Tara Boynuince in Florida USA, in these times of great changes in the World. TAG plans to perform construction and supply of construction materials to the US government, especially to the Department of Defense and the Army.

Target regions are all US States, Europe and Middle East in construction activities.


In addition to these services, TAG offers investment opportunities to its customers. TAG offers various investment opportunities to his customers at USA, Turkey, Europe and Qatar.


We adapt to the developments in the construction, Supply and investment sectors without losing sight of our vision and mission and we continue our work based on the principle of clarity, transparency, trust and honor.


Our Vision;

As TAG International Construction LLC, our sole aim is to give the best service to all persons and institutions in the construction sector with our rigorous and honest working principle by showing ultimate attention to all details but not making concession from the quality in the constructions we made. We never forget our responsibility of constructing buildings that comply with physical, geological and economic conditions of our country. Our biggest desire is to implement modern construction system by following the developing technology closely without forgetting that a large part of the buildings we construct is in the 1st degree seismic belt and to be a company to be shown as an example in the sector all the times by making particularly high strength and quality reinforced concrete practices. We are maintaining our stability and successes in the construction sector in which we entered bravely without hesitating to direct our accumulation and experiences to the new and different business fields with the superior performance of our specialist staff and great effort of our employees who are the biggest assurance of us.


Our Mission;

We are proceeding on our way with firm steps by preferring to succeed to work for the lifestyle of people and construct the spaces from which they will enjoy in the life. As TAG LLC, our sole target is to create living spaces and social facilities to be shown as examples in the future as is in today and to be an international brand in the field.


TAG aims to ensure customer satisfaction by closely monitoring the technological and commercial developments along with the demands, expectations and needs of the customers, and to be apt to change and constant improvement in line with its vision and mission.




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